Source code for instrument_models.mastcam

from astropy import units as astro_units

from .instrument import InstrumentBase

[docs]class Mastcam(InstrumentBase): """Model to get the filter wavelength of a Mastcam image See `Mastcam Multispectral Imaging on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover: Wavelength Coverage and Imaging Strategies at the Gale Crater Field Site <>`_ for more details on Mastcam's filter wavelengths Attributes ---------- group : :obj:`str` ``INSTRUMENT_STATE_PARMS`` wavelength_key1 : :obj:`str` ``CENTER_FILTER_WAVELENGTH`` wavelength_key2 : :obj:`str` ``FILTER_CENTER_WAVELENGTH`` """ group = 'INSTRUMENT_STATE_PARMS' wavelength_key1 = 'CENTER_FILTER_WAVELENGTH' wavelength_key2 = 'FILTER_CENTER_WAVELENGTH'
[docs] def get_wavelength(self, unit='nm'): """Get the wavelength from mastcam image Parameters ---------- unit : :obj:`str` [``nm``] The wavelength unit. Best practice for ``unit`` to exist in :class:`pdsspect.pdsspect_image_set.ImageStamp.accepted_units` Returns ------- wavelength : :obj:`float` Filter wavelength of the mastcam image """ params = self.label[] wavelength = params.get(self.wavelength_key1) if wavelength is None: wavelength = params.get(self.wavelength_key2) if wavelength is None: return float('nan') wavelength = wavelength.value * astro_units.Unit(wavelength.units) wavelength = return round(wavelength.value, 3)