Source code for pdsspect.histogram

import warnings

import numpy as np
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
from qtpy import QtWidgets, QtCore
from qtpy import QT_VERSION

from .warningtimer import WarningTimer, WarningTimerModel
qt_ver = int(QT_VERSION[0])
if qt_ver == 4:
    from matplotlib.backends.backend_qt4agg import FigureCanvasQTAgg
elif qt_ver == 5:
    from matplotlib.backends.backend_qt5agg import FigureCanvasQTAgg

[docs]class HistogramModel(object): """Model for a Histogram which can apply cut levels to an image Any View that utilizes this model must define the following methods: ``set_data``, ``change_cut_low``, ``change_cut_high``, ``change_cuts``, ``warn``, and ``change_bins``. The ``warn`` method must return a boolean and if more than one view utilizes this model, you should consider only one actually creating a warning box and return ``True`` while the others just return ``False``. Parameters ---------- image_view : :class:`ImageViewCanvas` The image view canvas cut_low ::obj:`float` The lower cut level cut_high : :obj:`float` The higher cut level bins : :obj:`int` The number of bins the histogram uses """ def __init__(self, image_view, cut_low=None, cut_high=None, bins=100): self._image_view = image_view self._views = set() self._cut_low = cut_low self._cut_high = cut_high self._bins = bins @property def image_view(self): """:class:`ImageViewCanvas` The image view canvas Setting the image view will reset the data """ return self._image_view @image_view.setter def image_view(self, image_view): self._image_view = image_view self.set_data() @property def cut_low(self): """:obj:`float` The lower cut level Setting the low cut value will adjust the cut values in the image view and notify the views that the low cut value changed """ if self._cut_low is None: self._cut_low = self.view_cuts[0] return self._cut_low @cut_low.setter def cut_low(self, cut_low): self._cut_low = cut_low self._set_view_cuts() self._change_cut_low() @property def cut_high(self): """:obj:`float` The higher cut level Setting the high cut value will adjust the cut values in the image view and notify the views that the high cut value changed.""" if self._cut_high is None: self._cut_high = self.view_cuts[1] return self._cut_high @cut_high.setter def cut_high(self, cut_high): self._cut_high = cut_high self._set_view_cuts() self._change_cut_high() @property def bins(self): """:obj:`int` The number of bins the histogram uses Setting the bins will notify the views that the bins have changed """ return self._bins @bins.setter def bins(self, bins): if bins == self._bins: pass else: self._bins = bins self._change_bins() @property def cuts(self): """:obj:`tuple` The lower and higher cut levels. Setting the cuts will adjust the cut levels in the image viewer and notify the views that the cuts have changed. The low cut must be less than the high cut, otherwise they will be switched to satisfy that condition. """ return self.cut_low, self.cut_high @cuts.setter def cuts(self, cuts): cut_low, cut_high = cuts if cut_low > cut_high: message = ( "The low cut cannot be bigger than the high cut. " + "Switching cuts.") self.warn("Cut Warning", message) cut_low, cut_high = cut_high, cut_low diff_cut_low = cut_low != self.cut_low diff_cut_high = cut_high != self.cut_high if diff_cut_low and diff_cut_high: self._cut_low, self._cut_high = cut_low, cut_high self._set_view_cuts() self._change_cuts() elif diff_cut_low: self.cut_low = cut_low elif diff_cut_high: self.cut_high = cut_high @property def view_cuts(self): """:obj:`tuple` The image_view cut levels""" cut_low, cut_high = self.image_view.get_cut_levels() if cut_low > cut_high: cut_low, cut_high = cut_high, cut_low return cut_low, cut_high @property def data(self): """:class:`ndarray` The current image data""" return self.image_view.get_image().get_data()
[docs] def register(self, view): """Register a view with the model Parameters ---------- view : :class:`QtWidgets.QWidget <PySide.QtGui.QWidget>` A view that utilizes this model """ self._views.add(view)
[docs] def unregister(self, view): """Unregister a view with the model Parameters ---------- view : :class:`QtWidgets.QWidget <PySide.QtGui.QWidget>` A view that utilizes this model """ self._views.remove(view)
[docs] def set_data(self): """Set the data the histogram is to display""" for view in self._views: view.set_data()
[docs] def restore(self): """Restore the cut levels""" cut_low, cut_high = self.view_cuts self.cuts = cut_low, cut_high
[docs] def warn(self, title, message): """Display a warning box Each view must define a ``warn`` method that returns a boolean value: True when a warning box is displayed and False when a warning box not displayed. Only one display box will be displayed. This is because multiple views should not have different handling for the same errors. """ warnings.warn(message) for view in self._views: warned = view.warn(title, message) if warned: break
def _set_view_cuts(self): """Set the image view cut levels""" self.image_view.cut_levels(self.cut_low, self.cut_high) def _change_cut_low(self): """Notfiy the views to that the low cut level was changed""" for view in self._views: view.change_cut_low() def _change_cut_high(self): """Notify the views the high cut level was changed""" for view in self._views: view.change_cut_high() def _change_cuts(self): """Notify the views the cut levels were changed""" for view in self._views: view.change_cuts() def _change_bins(self): """Notify the views the number of bins were changed""" for view in self._views: view.change_bins()
[docs]class HistogramController(object): """Controller for histogram views Parameters ---------- model : :class:`HistogramModel` histogram model view : :class:`object` View with :class:`HistogramModel` as its model Attributes ---------- model : :class:`HistogramModel` histogram model view : :class:`object` View with :class:`HistogramModel` as its model """ def __init__(self, model, view): self.model = model self.view = view
[docs] def set_cut_low(self, cut_low): """Set the low cut level to a new value Parameters ---------- cut_low : :obj:`float` New low cut value """ self.model.cut_low = cut_low
[docs] def set_cut_high(self, cut_high): """Set the high cut level to a new value Parameters ---------- cut_high : :obj:`float` New high cut value """ self.model.cut_high = cut_high
[docs] def set_cuts(self, cut_low, cut_high): """Set both the low and high cut levels Parameters ---------- cut_low : :obj:`float` New low cut value cut_high : :obj:`float` New high cut value """ self.model.cuts = cut_low, cut_high
[docs] def set_bins(self, bins): """Change the number of bins the histogram uses Parameters ---------- bins : :obj:`int` The number number of bins for the histogram """ self.model.bins = bins
[docs] def restore(self): """Restore the histogram""" self.model.restore()
[docs]class HistogramWidget(QtWidgets.QWidget): """View to display the histogram with text boxes for cuts and bins Parameters ---------- model : :class:`HistogramModel` The view's model Attributes ---------- model : :class:`HistogramModel` The view's model controller : :class:`HistogramController` The view's controller histogram : :class:`Histogram` The histogram itself """ def __init__(self, model, parent=None): super(HistogramWidget, self).__init__(parent) self.model = model self.model.register(self) self.controller = HistogramController(self.model, self) self.histogram = Histogram(model) self._cut_low_label = QtWidgets.QLabel("Cut Low:") self._cut_low_box = QtWidgets.QLineEdit() self._cut_high_label = QtWidgets.QLabel("Cut High:") self._cut_high_box = QtWidgets.QLineEdit() self._bins_label = QtWidgets.QLabel("Bins:") self._bins_box = QtWidgets.QLineEdit() layout = self._create_layout() self.setLayout(layout) self.change_bins() self.change_cuts() def _create_layout(self): layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() cut_boxes_layout = QtWidgets.QGridLayout() cut_boxes_layout.addWidget(self._cut_low_label, 0, 0) cut_boxes_layout.addWidget(self._cut_low_box, 0, 1) cut_boxes_layout.addWidget(self._cut_high_label, 0, 2) cut_boxes_layout.addWidget(self._cut_high_box, 0, 3) cut_boxes_layout.addWidget(self._bins_label, 0, 4) cut_boxes_layout.addWidget(self._bins_box, 0, 5) cut_boxes = QtWidgets.QWidget() cut_boxes.setLayout(cut_boxes_layout) layout.addWidget(self.histogram) layout.addWidget(cut_boxes) return layout
[docs] def change_cut_low(self): """Set the low cut box text""" self._cut_low_box.setText("%.3f" % (self.model.cut_low))
[docs] def change_cut_high(self): """Set the high cut box text""" self._cut_high_box.setText("%.3f" % (self.model.cut_high))
[docs] def change_cuts(self): """Set the low and high cut boxes' text""" cut_low, cut_high = self.model.cuts self._cut_low_box.setText("%.3f" % (cut_low)) self._cut_high_box.setText("%.3f" % (cut_high))
[docs] def change_bins(self): """Change the bins box text""" self._bins_box.setText("%d" % (self.model.bins))
[docs] def keyPressEvent(self, event): """When the enter button is pressed, adjust the cut levels and bins""" if event.key() in (QtCore.Qt.Key_Return, QtCore.Qt.Key_Enter): try: cut_low = float(self._cut_low_box.text()) cut_high = float(self._cut_high_box.text()) except ValueError: self.warn( "Cuts Warning", "The cut low and high values must be numbers.") self.change_cuts() return try: bins_text = self._bins_box.text() bins = int(bins_text) except ValueError: try: bins = int(float(bins_text)) except ValueError: message = ("The number of bins must be a number. " + "Specifically, an integer.") self.warn("Bins Warning", message) self.change_bins() return self.controller.set_cuts(cut_low, cut_high) self.controller.set_bins(bins)
# def restore(self): # self.model.restore()
[docs] def warn(self, title, message): """Displayed a timed message box the warning""" WarningTimer(WarningTimerModel(self, title, message)).exec_() return True
def set_data(self): pass
[docs]class Histogram(FigureCanvasQTAgg): """The Histogram View Parameters ---------- model : :class:`HistogramModel` The view's model Attributes ---------- model : :class:`HistogramModel` The view's model controller : :class:`HistogramController` The view's controller """ def __init__(self, model): fig = Figure(figsize=(2, 2), dpi=100) fig.subplots_adjust( left=0.0, right=1.0, top=1.0, bottom=0.0, wspace=0.0, hspace=0.0) super(Histogram, self).__init__(fig) self.model = model self.model.register(self) self.controller = HistogramController(self.model, self) self._figure = fig policy = self.sizePolicy() policy.setHeightForWidth(True) self.setSizePolicy(policy) self.setMinimumSize(self.size()) self._ax = fig.add_subplot(111) self._ax.set_facecolor('black') self._left_vline = None self._right_vline = None
[docs] def change_cut_low(self, draw=True): """Change the position of the left line to the low cut level""" if self._left_vline is None: return self._left_vline.set_xdata([self.model.cut_low, self.model.cut_low]) if draw: self.draw()
[docs] def change_cut_high(self, draw=True): """Change the position of the right line to the high cut level""" if self._right_vline is None: return self._right_vline.set_xdata([self.model.cut_high, self.model.cut_high]) if draw: self.draw()
[docs] def change_cuts(self): """Change the position of the left & right lines to respective cuts""" self.change_cut_low(draw=False) self.change_cut_high(draw=False) self.draw()
[docs] def change_bins(self): """Adjust the number of bins without adjusting the lines""" self.set_data(False)
[docs] def set_data(self, reset_vlines=True): """Set the histogram's data Parameters ---------- reset_vlines : :obj:`bool` Reset the vertical lines to the default cut levels if True, otherwise False. True by default """ self._ax.cla() self._left_vline = None self._right_vline = None self._ax.hist(, self.model.bins, color='white') self._set_vlines(reset_vlines) self.draw()
def _move_line(self, event): # The left mouse button must be down to adjust the cut levels if not event.inaxes or event.button != 1: return x = event.xdata cut_low, cut_high = self.model.cuts # Adjust the line that is closer to the point if np.abs(x - self.model.cut_low) < np.abs(x - self.model.cut_high): self.controller.set_cut_low(x) else: self.controller.set_cut_high(x) def _set_vlines(self, reset=True): if reset: self.model.restore() cut_low, cut_high = self.model.cuts self._left_vline = self._ax.axvline( cut_low, color='r', linewidth=2) self._right_vline = self._ax.axvline( cut_high, color='r', linewidth=2) self._figure.canvas.mpl_connect('motion_notify_event', self._move_line) self._figure.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', self._move_line) def warn(self, title, message): return False