Source code for pdsspect.roi_line_plot

import numpy as np
from qtpy import QtWidgets

from .pdsspect_image_set import ginga_colors
from .roi_plot import ROIPlotModel, ROIPlotController, ROIPlotWidget, ROIPlot

[docs]class ROILinePlotModel(ROIPlotModel): """Model for ROI Line plot and widget""" @property def wavelengths(self): """:obj:`list` : Sorted list of wavelengths in the :attr:`image_set`""" wavelengths = [] for image in self.image_set.images: if not np.isnan(image.wavelength): wavelengths.append(image.wavelength) return sorted(wavelengths)
[docs] def data_with_color(self, color): """Get the data inside the ROI color if the image has a wavelength Parameters ---------- color : :obj:`str` The color of the ROI Returns ------- data : :obj:`list` or :class:`numpy.ndarray` Sorted list of arrays of data by wavelength """ images = [] rows, cols = self.image_set.get_coordinates_of_color(color) for image in self.image_set.images: if not np.isnan(image.wavelength): images.append(image) images = sorted(images, key=lambda image: image.wavelength) data = [[rows, cols] for image in images] return data
[docs]class ROILinePlotController(ROIPlotController): """Controller for :class:`ROILinePlotWidget`""" pass
[docs]class ROILinePlotWidget(ROIPlotWidget): """Widget to hold line plot and check boxes Parameters ---------- model : :class:`ROILinePlotModel` The model Attributes ---------- model : :class:`ROILinePlotModel` The model controller : :class:`ROILinePlotController` The controller """ def __init__(self, model): self.model = model self.controller = ROILinePlotController(model, self) super(ROILinePlotWidget, self).__init__(model) self.setWindowTitle('ROI Line Plot') def _create_roi_plot(self): self.roi_plot = ROILinePlot(self.model) def _set_layout(self): save_layout = QtWidgets.QHBoxLayout() save_layout.addWidget(self.save_btn) save_layout.addStretch() self.main_layout.addLayout(save_layout, 0, 0) self.main_layout.addLayout(self.view_boxes_layout, 0, 1, 1, 2) self.main_layout.addWidget(self.roi_plot, 1, 0, 2, 2) self.main_layout.addLayout(self.checkbox_layout, 1, 2) self.main_layout.setColumnStretch(1, 1) self.main_layout.setRowStretch(1, 1) self.setLayout(self.main_layout)
[docs]class ROILinePlot(ROIPlot): """Line plot of ROI data Parameters ---------- model : :class:`ROILinePlotModel` The model Attributes ---------- model : :class:`ROILinePlotModel` The model """ def __init__(self, model): self.model = model model.register(self) self.controller = ROILinePlotController(model, self) super(ROILinePlot, self).__init__(model)
[docs] def set_data(self): """Set the data of the selected colors on the line plot""" self._ax.cla() wavelengths = self.model.wavelengths for color in self.model.selected_colors: rgb = ginga_colors.lookup_color(color) data = self.model.data_with_color(color) means = [] stdevs = [] for array in data: if len(array) == 0: break means.append(array.mean()) stdevs.append(np.std(array)) should_not_plot = len(means) != len(wavelengths) if should_not_plot: continue self._ax.errorbar( x=wavelengths, y=means, yerr=stdevs, fmt='-s', color=rgb, capsize=5, ) self._ax.set_xlabel( xlabel=r'Wavelength ($%s$)' % (self.model.unit), color='w', fontsize=9, ) self._ax.set_ylabel( ylabel='Pixel Value', color='w', fontsize=9, ) self.draw()